Lead Performance Engineer

Product Development
  • Frisco, TX
  • Full time
  • Published 8 months ago
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We are currently searching for someone to join our team as a Lead Performance Engineer within our Technology Solutions Studio Practice.

Required Skills

  • Will lead and drive Agile software development principles; advance the discipline of performance engineering across all software development and design practices; and monitor security, reliability and performance to deliver best-in-class solutions on behalf of customers for clients located throughout the U.S. 
  • Will serve as a major driver in the delivery of advanced Cloud-based technologies and Cloud Native applications. 
  • Will be responsible for the design, implementation and execution of enterprise-wide performance engineering and monitoring strategies across multiple products and software engineering teams. 
  • Will define and implement application and infrastructure monitoring architecture and capacity planning approaches. 
  • Will serve as a subject matter expert on all facets of performance engineering including capacity planning, scalability of distributed systems, application tuning, and environment resiliency and hardening. 
  • Will contribute a performance mindset to all parts of the software engineering lifecycle including business, service, and product requirements review; systems architecture and design; and software development and all relevant documentation. 
  • Will analyze Java-based, enterprise-scale, Cloud Native applications using a range of profiling and diagnostic tools and methods including JVM Hotspot; database queries and method monitors; thread dumps; heap dumps; Java Flight Recorder (JFR); Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) Reports; and Garbage Collection (GC) logs to perform problem identification and root cause analysis. 
  • Will perform root cause analysis for any system anomalies which may be responsible for sub-par systems performance. 
  • Will recommend solutions to identified problems and anomalies. 
  • Will perform chaos engineering through deliberate fault injection and the use of tools including Chaos Monkey, NetHavoc, ChaosToolkit, Pystol, and Gremlin. 
  • Will utilize performance load tools, including LoadRunner and JMeter, and profiling and monitoring tools, including Dynatrace, AppDynamics, Net Diagnostic, and New Relic. 
  • Will partner with operations and developers to develop real-time performance dashboards, using tools including Grafana, Splunk, Prometheus, and Sumo Logic, and provide periodic updates on application performance to all the stakeholders. 
  • Will serve as a mentor to software engineering teams across the enterprise in the debugging and root-cause analysis of production issues. 
  • Will identify automation opportunities to improve system availability and reliability. 
  • Will document and implement performance engineering strategy and implementation plans covering environment, schedule, financial costs, duration, effort, dummy data set up, plan execution and plan summary to validate performance. 
  • This must include 5 years of experience in the following skill sets: (1) Performance Engineering of highly distributed, Cloud Native systems; (2) Performance load tools, including LoadRunner and JMeter; (3) monitoring tools, including Dynatrace and AppDynamics; (4) Net Storm; (5) shell scripting; (6) Linux; (7) MySQL; (8) capacity planning; (9) testing of Microservices and Back-End APIs; (10) site reliability engineering; and (11) chaos engineering. 
  • Must be willing to travel and relocate. 

Desired Skills

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, math, business, or engineering and 5 years of overall progressive IT experience. 

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