Insights and advice from our expert team

Insights and advice from our expert team

Your data will only be as good as your questions

One of the biggest challenges for companies that collect data is to know what they can achieve with it, and they do not always measure how valuable it is in decision-making. Giving value to it is one of the main tasks of the data analyst.

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Zigatta Cares – Dec. 2021

In this article we want to share an amazing life experience we had this month by sharing an espciall moment with the Casa Kamami girls celebrating the hollidays. Join us to read the full story.

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Artificial Intelligence Banenr Zigatta

Predicting the 80% of your sales with Artificial Intelligence

There is an old rule which asserts that 80% of your outcomes come from 20% of your actions. This principle, known as the 80/20 rule or the Pareto principle, when applied to Marketing and Sales suggests that 80% of your sales are generated by 20% of your customers. In this article we share with you how to apply Predictive Lead Scoring for your business.

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Martech AI ML - Zigatta

9 Benefits of AI and Machine Learning in Marketing Technology

“If AI is the science of making machines smart, then AI MarTech is the science of making marketing smart.”

AI MarTech looks to solve the “one size fits all” results. It makes a huge difference in predicting consumer behavior and optimizing MarTech tasks where speed is essential

In this article, written by Nicole, we want to share some of the specific benefits that we’ve seen in our experience at Zigatta when applying AI to Marketing Technology.

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Zigatta AI and Machine Learning

Top 10 AI & ML Uses Cases for Marketers

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are improving the performance and productivity of companies by automating processes. We will be able to use customer data to capture their attention and solve their needs, as well as increase your revenue and synchronize your marketing and sales teams.
In this article, we discuss some use cases for marketers that are implementing AI Marketing Technology.

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Zigatta Cares

Zigatta Cares – 2021

This year on Zigatta Cares, we got to help a cause that we feel really close to, improving girl’s future through technology. Read here our full journey.

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Using AI & Machine Learning to Generate Styles Predictions and Recommendations on a Fashion Startup

The impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence on fashion styles and branding has been immense in recent years.

This innovative LATAM-based online fashion startup partnered with Zigatta’s Data Science Team on creating an AI-powered game to communicate style trendings, gather customer preferences, and use that data to train a machine learning recommendation engine that would assist fashion stylists on curate boxes of clothes they proactively send to customers.

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