How a dealership used Data Analytics and Smart Segmentation to reach more quality digital leads and improve ROI to 410%

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At a glance

We worked together with one of the most important dealerships from Colima, with more than 6 locations in the state.

For years the dealership was working with an external digital marketing agency, but they were getting very poor results, low-quality leads, and no analytical insights or reports.


The main challenge was that the dealership was expending a significant amount on Google and Facebook Ads with no idea of ROI nor ROAS (Return on Ads Spend).

They knew the potential of digital marketing but didn’t know how to get there.

When we presented our Data-Driven Analytical approach to digital marketing, they were delighted and decided to work with us.

We presented a solution following the next steps:

  • The first step was to group all the existing sales and lead data sources (a CRM and many Excel sheets) into a single, curated database.


  • Then we used Power BI to analyze the behaviour patterns, demographics, and psychographics of those customers with the highest lead-to-sale conversion rate. For example, we discovered that those who planned to buy in less than 30 days, that had a 20% or more for a down payment, and with a good credit card record, were 3 times more likely to close the sale.


  • With this information, we created a set of personalized audiences on Facebook and Instagram, designed the appropriate graphics and ad’s copy specifically for those audiences, and activated Facebook Messenger Bots to interact with and filter the leads before sending them to the sales team.


  • Finally, we created a dynamic Google Data Studio Dashboard to monitor in real-time all the important KPIs for every campaign and ad set, from CPC, Conversion Rates, and CPA to ROAS and ROI. Those data-driven insights helped to make adjustments and optimizations at high speed to improve ROAS and ROI.

As a result, with a better understanding of the audience and their behavioural data, the dealership started to acquire an average of 590 high-quality monthly leads, with better conversion rates.

The initial target ROI was 200%, but combining smart segmentation with real-time data analytics to improve the audience and ads messages, they achieved a 410% monthly average ROI.