How a lighting retailer tripled the conversion rate using data-driven insights to move ad budget to high-performance campaigns

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At a glance

We recently helped a leading lighting retailer, with more than 30 years of experience and more than 150 authorized dealers to increase their eCommerce sales by implementing Data-Science and Data-Driven Marketing strategies.


In early 2018, the retailers started to digitize sales and implemented a direct to a consumer eCommerce store and a digital marketing campaign with Google Ads.

Their challenge was that as they did it with a very limited experience in eCommerce and digital marketing, they focused on vanity metrics like website clicks and visits, so their eCommerce conversion rate was very low.

They hired us to improve the conversion rate and with a goal to increase their eCommerce Sales from 3% to 10% of all company sales.

The solution we provided followed the next steps:

  • The first step was to analyze the customer experience of the whole eCommerce journey. Our consultants generated an eCommerce Audit Report, so their technical team could make all the necessary improvements.


  • Then, our data analytics team studied the performance of all Google Ads campaigns for the last 6 months and discovered those with a high vanity metrics performance (like clicks and website traffic) but very low conversion rates.


  • Our Senior Strategist designed a new set of experiments and relocated the ad budget to the high-performance campaigns.


  • Finally, we created a dynamic Google Data Studio Dashboard to monitor each action and KPIs for the entire funnel, from awareness to conversion.


That way we can exactly know the impact of each campaign on the conversion rate and ROAS.

As a result of these affords, with the right data on hand, the retailer was able to triple the conversion rate for the eCommerce in just one month.

Exited with those results, the retailer executive team decided to scale and increase the eCommerce sales goal 4X.

Our data-driven digital marketing team has successfully achieved and surpassed the very ambitious goal for 6 months in a row, and keep going.