Favorite Fishing Black Friday sales bite almost twice as hard during a pandemic year

Favorite Fishing USA
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At a glance

Favorite Fishing USA is a team committed to manufacturing fishing equipment with premium materials at an affordable price. They make sure each rod is designed and ready to meet its full potential when it’s time to get in the water.

With just a couple of weeks working together, it was time to start planning for Black Friday and the holiday season.

The first challenge was to start measuring and analyzing everything, as the Favorite team had no previous experience with data-driven strategies.

The year before (2020), the Favorite team ran promotions starting on Black Friday and carried those until two weeks later. The same game-plan was set for 2021, with an initial estimate between the results achieved in 2019 and 2020 (years with and without a pandemic going on).

Developing an action plan along with the Favorite team, it was time to start expectation campaigns half a week before Black Friday.

Just from the Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday, the total sales were +50% higher than anticipated. This was a 2x increase compared to the same days the previous year. 

With these initial results, the Favorite team took it up a notch. As the sales trend remained optimistic after Cyber Monday, the new goal was to achieve the best historical result, during the two weeks of promotions. You read that right. This meant going for an 80% increase in sales vs. the original estimate.

We accepted the challenge.

After we finished promotions on December 10th, the results were in:

  • 2x the best historical total sales during this time of promotions
  • +60% conversion rate
  • +15% average order value
  • +65% of orders placed that the Favorite team handled during the holidays

A growth hacking methodology for rapid testing is essential to validate those hypotheses faster and move forward to the next step. That’s how we quickly learned from all tests, and kept implementing more to continue learning from the data.

With an annual goal of +30% growth, Zigatta’s Applied Intelligence Studio team is ready to take on the 2022 challenge.