How a convenience store chain enabled campaign automation to achieve consumer personalization

Convinience Store
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At a glance

A Japanese-American international chain of convenience stores offering beverages, candy, pizzas, groceries, tobacco items, lottery tickets, gasoline and other related items in more than 70,000 stores in 17 countries wished to expand their digital marketing campaign frequency and increase consumer personalization to coincide with the release of a new mobile app.

Zigatta resources were engaged for defining and implementing the process for Salesforce Marketing Cloud technical implementation and management of client marketing campaigns.


The main challenge was that the client struggled without a standardized process and experienced resources for realization and effective measurement of campaigns in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The implementation process needed to be synchronized across three different teams with their own rules and procedures.

The solution began by assessing the current processes and tool-sets, gap identification and facilitation of an updated process utilizing Zigatta resources for technical realization and training of the client teams to self-support the updated process long term.

The updated process identified included segmenting work across three existing client teams: the Data Team, the Business Team and the Salesforce Team and in the process establishing clearly defined task ownership, service level agreements, and removal of duplication of efforts across multiple teams.

Among some of the reassigned responsibilities were:

  • The business rules and regulations
  • Expected segmentation for each campaign being tasked to one team
  • The general subscriber logic to prepare the platform for weekly cross-channel campaigns
  • Subscription maintenance
  • Tracking of campaign performance for business stakeholder analysis
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud configuration and operation

The result aside from the successful impact of the updated process, specific technical expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud was implored to build an architecture that allows the automation of the data synchronization process between Data and Salesforce team’s. Another successful impact was the Customer Personalization for the Campaigns, based on behavioural and demographic data, to deliver the correct message for the correct customer. This provided a build with a strong base for where all the weekly campaigns are performed without any issues or limitations.

Achievements of the project:

  • Data migration from the old instance to new
  • Data field encryption
  • Automate 11 key tables to manage the subscriber segmentation and population
  • Setup and maintenance of Email campaigns
  • Setup and maintenance of SMS campaigns
  • Setup and maintenance of Push campaigns
  • Development of cross channel journey’s
  • Setup and maintenance of 100 (initial) email campaigns
  • Administration of roles and users