Applied Intelligence Studio

Applying data science, analytics & automation to solve modern business challenges.

From data management to AI/ML prediction Models and automation strategy & execution, our multi-disciplinary Data Science & Automation team can help you to harness the power of data.

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What we do

Data Management Solutions

Data Management Solutions

Tracking, gathering, cleaning and transformation to harness the power of data.

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Advanced analytics and reporting to generate business insights.

AI/ML Prediction Models

AI/ML Prediction Models

Algorithms and predictive models to improve efficiency and customer experience.


Data Science & Analytics

Scale results with data-driven workflows and marketing automation technologies to improve and personalize UX/CX and increase customer engagement.

At Zigatta, we have 4 specific roles for our Applied Intelligence Team:

Data Engineers: Responsible for integrating, transforming, and consolidating data into structures that are suitable for building analytics and machine learning solutions.

Data Analysts: Work with clients to maximize the value of their data assets, provide meaningful business insights through easy-to-comprehend data visualization tools.

Data Scientists: Responsible for running data experiments and train predictive models, manage, optimize, and deploy machine learning solutions into production.

Intelligence Automation Specialist: Use the power of Data Analytics and AI to take in historical data, find patterns, make predictions, design and execute experiments to validate hypotheses using workflows and automation tools.

Zigatta Digital Experience Platform /  Z-DXP

We have developed our own Applied Intelligence products to better serve our clients modern business challenges:

  • Data Lake infrastructure in AWS S3
  • Advanced Analytics/BI Dashboard with Amazon QuickSight
  • Open Source Marketing Automation with Mautic
  • AI/ML Models for Lead Scoring and Predictive UX Segmentation
  • End-Points connections with Shopify and WordPress
  • Business Intelligence & Visualization: Advanced analytics and reporting to generate business insights.
  • AI & Machine Learning: Algorithms and predictive models to improve efficiency and customer experience.

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No two companies are alike. Every business faces unique challenges and opportunities. That’s why we tailor solutions to help your business grow. Take a look at the case studies below and see how we’ve helped other businesses to achieve their tech goals.

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