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Zigatta is a minority-owned international technology solutions company with offices in U.S., Mexico and Canada. For us, creating the best solution possible for our clients is our number one priority. As a team, we pride ourselves on delivering great results for our clients and developing long term trusted relationships.

About Us

Since the beginning, we at Zigatta have worked to listen to our clients’ needs and find specialized solutions to their problems. From augmenting your staff with talented designers, engineers and digital marketers to creating A-to-Z project management strategy and realization, we’re here to make you more successful. We’re happiest when devising cutting edge solutions for the problems in your business that keep you up at night - and create explosive growth when solved.

As a company, we love what we do. And we’re not afraid to look into the ether and find remedies no one else has thought of. For us, your success is what counts, and we’ll calculate whether or not those remedies will work for you. We embrace change, and we want to help you disrupt the status quo.

Ideation + Human Capital + Execution


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Zigatta’s Integrated Value Equation starts with you the client. Once we clearly understand the client’s needs, we tap into a collective of extraordinary talent to assess industry research and key trends to identify possible ideas. We then screen the proposed ideas and test them so we can confidently present the best possible solution for each client’s needs. By combining ideation and human capital with our talented team, we’re able to provide clients with high value solutions in less time.

Ideation. Human Capital. Execution.

Our results speak for themselves. Let us help you achieve results as well.

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