Improving Real Estate digital transformation

At a glance:

A real estate group with a national presence needed to accelerate its digital transformation for customer acquisition and increase quote rates. Zigatta participated in this process by building a customized software system.

The challenge:

Create a system that allows the management of real estate projects and sales users, which also obtains the stock and availability information for each project consulted from the API of a Salesforce CRM implementation that the client already had.

Furthermore, develop a web application for the sales users where they could consult and visualize, in a friendly and intuitive way, the information of each project, in addition to having the ability to generate quotes. Both of them need to be simple to use, saves operation time, and be reliable and permanently accessible.


Zigatta assembled a team of Backend Developers, Frontend Developers, a Technical Architect, and a Project Manager to design and implement the customized software system:

WEB Admin System

  • Users management
  • Projects management (with Salesforce data sync) 
  • Projects-Sellers visibility management
  • Quotes history


WEB Sellers Application

  • Projects visibility with all the characteristics like amenities, locations, zones, and property prototypes.
  • Search engine for properties by projects with the possibility of filtering results
  • Form and previewer of quotations



  • Infrastructure: AWS (EBS, RDS, S3)
  • Software: Laravel, PHP, RESTful APIs, JS, Angular, Mysql, Html, CSS


This software system allows having multiple users quoting simultaneously, from any device with internet access and having reliability in the inventory data (prices, availability) shown, since they are consulted at Salesforce in real-time.

In addition, the delivery of the quotation to the end customer has become a process that takes only minutes or even seconds, streamlining decision-making.

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