Improving automation processes of the biopharma industry

At a glance:

 Looking to improve their scalable marketing strategy and thinking about the real-time personalization that Salesforce offers within its ecosystem, a global biopharma company needed to migrate all their US patient marketing operations from Adobe Campaigns to a dedicated Marketing Cloud instance.

The challenge:

Due to the fact that they had several years working with Adobe Campaigns, they have defined processes that needed to migrate seamlessly into Marketing Cloud Automations.

These unique complex requests included:

  • Multiple contact addresses per channel per “person”, each one with their respective marketing and legal consents
  • Recipient Scoring with their own criteria using tracking data from the previous platform.
  • Custom touch points within the Customer Journey for physical mailing and service outbound calls (not included in Marketing Cloud).


With our Managed Service solution, we provided Marketing Cloud Consultants to build a Data Model that allowed the biopharma company to include patient consent for each channel, creating automated calculations for the Recipient Engagement Score Status for each subscriber email.

We also needed to create custom flows to add physical mailing and Outbound Calls into journey touchpoints populating engagement data extensions and exporting the resulting data into the provider SFTP site daily. In a nutshell, we needed to create custom activities (not native to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Journeys) to comply with the company’s needs and export this data into an external repository to keep all teams integrated under the same framework.  


A seamless migration from Adobe Campaigns to Salesforce Platform was achieved, avoiding any impact on the physical mailing and outbound calls activities.

Thanks to the work frame built within Marketing Cloud, the campaign team ended up with the Data Architecture needed to create complex segmentations to launch their campaigns using multichannel journeys and respecting each channel’s consent across all brands. 

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