Evolving education’s digital transformation

At a glance:

As a consequence of the COVID pandemic, a Latin American University needed to speed up its Digital Transformation with a technology that could embrace three different audiences and their lifecycle into a single platform and source of truth. 

This is where the Salesforce platform ecosystem was a perfect fit for the company’s vision, goals, and needs, along with Zigatta as the right partner to perform the implementation.

The challenge:

Perform a seamless transition from manual processes between departments to a unified automated platform, where the Sales processes, Student lifecycle Journeys, and Faculty Communications lived harmoniously under the same framework and ecosystem.


Zigatta’s Salesforce team of Consultants, Developers, and Architects worked on a Multi-cloud implementation connecting Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud over Salesforce’s Education Data Architecture. 

This included the development of Marketing Cloud’s data architecture and the creation of data flows to serve real-time information for automated custom journeys to cover communication goals. 

Our scope went beyond implementation, as we facilitated training for the marketing team members, so they could be able to maximize the platform’s capabilities while following best practices.


 With Zigatta’s intervention, the University successfully moved from manual silo activities to real-time automated processes that increased efficiency for all their departments under a common source of truth for students, faculty, and sales. 

Moreover and due to this integration the marketing team improved their knowledge and skills, therefore now they can perform complex campaigns supported on well-informed segmentation strategies.

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