Klaviyo: The power of marketing automation in our hands

It is not a secret that now more than ever the succes key for any business is related to personalization. The more you get to know your app’s audience, the better experience you can deliver to them. 

Imagine you want to tell your users about the newest app releases, or special offers, but they are not interested in the same content. Some of them will be more interested in a particular product or feature, while others would simply prefer a quick announcement.

How can you deliver a good experience for your app users without ignoring their preferences? Here is where Klaviyo comes into play, and why it’s Zigatta’s favorite tool to execute mobile app projects.   

This powerful solution allows us to:

  • Segment users

    according to specific characteristics or behaviors

  • Create complex workflows

    triggered by specific conditions

  • Send email and SMS campaigns,

    or push notifications to particular users

  • Get analytics

    about campaigns performance

  • Deliver a complete and consistent experience

    for users to engage with your app

With all these features, we are able to provide the right information, to the right user at the right moment, and develop an effective strategy to take any app to the next level. 

Even though Klaviyo is mostly known as a solution for e-commerce brands, its scope is not limited to that. Thanks to its fairly robust API developer teams can explore the possibilities for app integrations. 

The above plus its extensive resource center, along with the helpful community, it’s what allows us to say that Klaviyo is a tool that puts the power of automation in our hands. 

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