The 4 principal tech innovations of Salesforce 2022

At Zigatta we encourage the passion and the willingness to learn from all our collaborators, therefore we are so excited and proud to have joined Rodrigo Cárdenas to live the Dreamforce experience 2022 and we want to share with you the principal innovations and the most outstanding moments of the event. 

Hi, my name is Rodrigo and here I will talk about my experience at my fourth Dreamforce, which is the world’s largest software conference where innovation meets inspiration. But when you break it down, Dreamforce is an event that has something for everyone, at every level, and for every industry.

Whether you attend one of their Keynotes, get hands-on at their workshops, or share your experience at the circle of success, this event has something for you to keep on learning and to make connections with other trailblazers.

This year Dreamforce celebrated their 20th anniversary and they really shined! I have never experienced anything like this. Split across multiple blocks and buildings, you could walk for 15 minutes and never leave the Dreamforce Campus. No matter what was the reason you attended or what was your role, there was an entire experience dedicated to you. 

And what was the most important thing I learned from this experience? Definitely this year’s highlights: 

  • Customers are hungry for a unified platform, and here is where its newest solution comes in… GENIE! a real-time comprehensive data platform to unify any and all streams of customer data. There has never been a better time for customers to see a single-platform solution that can meet their technology needs. 
  • Salesforce has added brand new features to Slack, which make it more business-friendly and help companies boost their productivity, like Canvas, described as a “surface to capture and share knowledge with the ability to access and take action on Salesforce data directly in Slack”. Or Huddles Coworking, that allows you to jump into quick conversations from any channel or DM – bringing what we loved about the office into your “digital HQ”.
  • The integration of WhatsApp Business Platform and Salesforce Customer 360 will allow businesses to build WhatsApp messaging, which can then be managed from the Salesforce platform. Now businesses can use WhatsApp business messages to answer customer questions, run marketing campaigns and sell directly in chat.
  • Salesforce’s commitment to global sustainability isn’t exactly news, but creating a platform that will help its customers also become carbon neutral is. The Net Zero Marketplace, built on Commerce Cloud, will offer customers a way to build a carbon credit portfolio by connecting them with trusted ecopreneurs.

In addition to the technical knowledge shared throughout this three-day event, the entertainment was also a big highlight, as we had the opportunity to enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Dreamfest concert.

 At Dreamforce, everything was built to create community. All the normal barriers that separate our global community like religion, language, culture, gender, and ethnicity, went out the window. You were just immersed with 40,000 people who were genuinely excited to meet everyone there, share ideas and challenges and expand their network.

I’m really humbled by the brilliant minds I met across Salesforce employees, other partners, and customers, and all I can say is that I’m more than happy to be a part of the Salesforce community, grateful to have the opportunity to attend Dreamforce, and get to bring back that experience to share with my amazing colleagues.

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