How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Marketing

There are a lot of challenges that marketers face today, and it’s fundamental to look for new ways to find and attract their ideal customers. It’s here where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science can definitely be extremely helpful. 

Let’s learn how!

According to Forbes:

Top-performing companies are more than twice as likely to be using AI for marketing (28% vs. 12%)

Advancements in this new technology offer companies better ways to anticipate customers’ next moves and improve the customer journey. It also can help build more effective marketing strategies and change the way businesses attract, nurture, and convert prospects.

Artificial intelligence platforms can analyze massive amounts of customer data on a personal level. But how will this help us? Easy, when you have all this data, you know what customers want and where to find them, which will serve to create hyper-focused and personalized campaigns.

Personalization using AI can come in a variety of forms, including:

  • Behavior based recommendations

    Product recommendations based on behavior

  • Demographic based promotions

    Promotions and offers based on demographics and location

  • Customized push notifications

    Push notifications customized to individual users

  • Automated outreach

    Support, content recommendations, and automated outreach based on behavior


With personalization in place, you’ll see more impulse purchases; this means finding increased revenue, fewer returns, and a spike in customer loyalty.

Let’s see some examples of how marketers could apply Artificial Intelligence or these focus areas:

  • Know your customers

    Know the expectations, desires,  and needs of customers

  • Personalize interactions

    Personalize interactions through AI

  • Engage in the customer journey

    Engage across the entire customer journey

  • Take data-driven decisions

    Analyze results take data-driven decisions


Now that we know all the benefits this technology brings us, it is no surprise that, according to Salesforce, the number of marketing leaders using AI scaled up from 29% (2018) to a remarkable 84% (2020). 

Let’s get more strategic by making AI our ally and boosting our marketing campaigns’ performance!

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