Boosting your Email Campaigns with AI-based One-to-One content personalizations

As a digital marketing practitioner, one of the questions that you might be pondering in every email marketing campaign is if your messages will reach and engage your target audience. Customers have different needs, interests, reading habits, but are also influenced by the latest trends and online media.

So, if you are a retail company that sells products online, how can you make sure that your email content is relevant to your customer?

AI-based One-to-One Content personalization, is here to help you

AI-based One-to-One Content Personalization uses Machine Learning algorithms that can anticipate and identify the content relevant to a particular customer. For instance, if you sell industrial tools online, an algorithm can identify the most likely tools that a user will need in the next months and include that information as part of the next user’s email content. Either in the form of pictures or product details, that content will be highly targeted and mostly unique to each user.

Unfortunately, existing marketing automation tools like HubSpot and Salesforce can not natively support all use cases and scenarios for AI-based One-to-One Content Personalization. However, you can create custom integrations solutions specifically for your case.

How can we help?

Zigatta’s Applied Intelligence Studio (AIS) helps customers and partners to extend their existing marketing automation platforms with new capabilities to support AI-based One-to-One Content Personalization in email campaigns.

With a team of data science, software and marketing professionals,  we can help your business to:

  • Develop ML algorithms

    Develop machine learning algorithms specific to your use cases of One-to-One Content Personalization

  • Integration

    Integrate such algorithms in your existing marketing automation platform

  • Content strategy

    Leverage a Content Personalization strategy for your scenario

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