Zigatta Cares – Dec. 2021

Today we want to share an amazing life experience we had this month.

You already know how important is for us at Zigatta to give back to our community and actively work to build a better future; this is why Zigatta Cares exists.

This year in July, we got to meet the amazing girls at the foster home Casa Kamami and although we help them through different activities, the truth is that they actually gave us so much more in return by sharing their life and courage testimonials with us, and we are committed to continuing working with them for the years to come.

This month we got the amazing opportunity to take them out of their current and temporal reality to have a small sample of all the amazing things that the world has to offer them.

We strongly believe that having hope, dreams and tools, can help overcome the circumstances and finally build a better future.

The day started with a special meal in a beautiful restaurant in Tlaquepaque where they were treated as VIPs, followed by a Cacao tasting given by an internationally recognized chef, followed up by two workshops where they show them how to make “cajeta” and “rompope” and ended with the team handing out the gifts that “Santa” left for each one of them.
They were really happy and the smiles on their faces can easily tell the whole story.

Our Zigatta Culture is not just about being excellent with our clients but is centred on finding ways to build a better and brighter future for each one of our Zigattians and our community.

There are many ways each one of us can help, but the first step is to understand that our own reality is not the same one as for many people around us. Only in Jalisco, Mexico, more than 40% of the population lives in poverty, and even small actions can make a huge difference.

This is what Zigatta is all about, people, talent, and technology combined to create a better future.

Happy holidays to all of you!

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