Zigatta Cares

Zigatta Cares – 2021

“Committed with those who will shape our future”

As part of our program Zigatta Cares, which started last year, this time around we got to help a cause that we feel really close to, improving girls’ future through technology.

After months of research and planning, we found Casa Hogar Kamami, and we focused our efforts on finding ways to help them not only with monetary and in-kind donations but also, by giving the girls new capabilities that will enable them to reach better job opportunities and a better future.

Based in Guadalajara, México, Casa Kamami is a foster home that takes care of abused girls between 9 and 18 years old. The girls and adolescents cared for by Casa Hogar Kamami, come from family environments where there is violence and sexual abuse.

Casa Kamami aims to provide a safe home and the necessary services for their proper development, but above all, it seeks to rehabilitate them from violence and provide different life perspectives, focusing them on their studies, sports, and cultural activities.

In this year’s program we collaborated with Casa Kamami in 4 lines of action:

  • In-kind and monetary donation: the team donated goods of basic needs and Zigatta doubles up the amount besides the monetary donation already planned for the foster home.
  • Highschool scholarships: We granted scholarships for 5 girls that needed to enter a special Highschool to expedite their studies in order to continue their education according to their age.
  • IT Workshops: In alliance with WeLoveIT, the girls were able to experience two workshops where they were introduced to the wide opportunities that technology offers. From programing with arduino to create their own videogame, they found out how achievable is to be involved in tech.
  • New Website and Digital Marketing training: we’ll work with the foster home to launch a new version of their website focus on showcase all the great things they do and enable them to access more donations. Girls from Kamami will be involved in the process, they will be trained to administrate the website and will acquire basic knowledge on digital marketing so they can manage their own social channels and get new job opportunities.

We are really proud of all our team at Zigatta, who besides being top players are people that really care for others, and they did an amazing job making this program possible.

This is what Zigatta is all about, people, talent, and technology combined to create a better future.

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