Salesforce, more than a Cloud CRM

The main question we face when we start to analyze the option to use Salesforce, is understanding what is Salesforce and what product I need to use?

Salesforce is a US Company founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, which marked a big difference in the world because was a pioneer in offering the software as a service (SaaS), in this case, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which means that the users just needed an internet connection and their credentials to access so the companies didn’t need to install or manage any software or hardware locally.

But that is just some history about the first product of Salesforce.

Salesforce Sales Cloud or (SFSC, Core, CRM, SFDC) is the more common name for the original product of the company that was focused on the Sales and relationship with the customers, but with time the company developed a new product to support and offer the best experience of post-purchase and they launched Salesforce Service Cloud (2009) to improve the customer service and support automation features.

Sales and Service Cloud were 2 products that helped Salesforce to position itself in the market, and during 2012 the company announced the acquisition of Radian 6 and Buddy Media, and ExactTarget in 2013 allowing it to supercharge the base of the new product called Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) to automate Marketing campaigns in different channels with the customer in the center.

At that time Salesforce had consolidated as one of the biggest and more trustable ecosystems with those 3 Key products: Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud, but in 2016 the company announced more acquisitions, being one of the most important of Demandware, that was converted into Salesforce Commerce Cloud, for e-commerce.

As you see, if you have a project to improve your customer journey on any touchpoint, from marketing and sales to data analysis, Salesforce has a line of products that can help you achieve your goal.

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