The book on how to innovate? It’s been written … again and again and again. “The Innovator’s Solution” (Clayton Christensen), “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” (Peter Drucker) or “The Art of Innovation” (Tom Kelley) are just a few examples. An online search for “how to make your company innovative” generates over 300 million results.

Turns out, there is no shortage of strategies for innovation. In fact, if you ask 100 people how to innovate, you are almost guaranteed one hundred different answers.

Quite simply, innovation is not that simple. Or is it? There might be countless processes and tools that help companies innovate, but there are also characteristics and mindsets would-be innovators can adopt to be truly innovative. What is honored in a company will be cultivated there, regardless of which strategy the company decides to implement.

Be open to and ready for change. Innovation requires it. Innosight’s Scott D. Anthony defines innovation as “something different that has impact.” The key here is “something different.” Before companies can successfully travel down the path of innovation, they must decide ahead of time that change will be accepted and even encouraged. This might certainly mean different products and services, but it could also mean different business models, organizational structures and work habits.

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Image credit: Jason Williams (Chicago Ideas Week 2014)