Zigatta is a consulting firm focused on increasing client value via innovation, human capital and delivery.

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Business is anything but usual.

Innovation and human capital are undeniably an organization’s greatest assets. Disruptive dreamers, movers and shakers can be anywhere. Game-changing ideation and execution may come from internal staff members, external sources or hybrid teams. That’s why winning in today’s global marketplace takes more. It takes a village.

The Zigatta Integrated Value Equation (IVE)

Ideation + Human Capital + Execution = Value Capture


Zigatta’s IVE begins by isolating growth barriers and productivity improvement areas; then developing new strategies, technologies and processes to address these challenges. Regardless of complexity or functional area, Zigatta’s IVE delivers quantifiable improvement.

  • Business Model Development
  • Product/Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Process Improvement


Zigatta custom-develops a game plan for each client or engagement. Once the objectives have been validated, Zigatta begins assembling the optimal team through intensive screening, training and deployment – All unified by the client’s vision and purpose.

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Experience
  • Performance Measurement


The Zigatta IVE aligns forward thinking and ideation with specialized personnel and deployment models to deliver high-value solutions in less time. This improves performance and increases client ROI. Execution-driven techniques include:

  • Team Assembly (Internal, External, Partners)
  • Distributed Teams
  • Managed Services

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